Dynasty Scrolls - Server Launch Events

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YOOZOO Games are excited to announce that the newest card role-playing game Dynasty Scrolls is now available on iOS and Android. Generous rewards and awesome new server events await you! Let's take a look at what's been added, plus three giveaway events in detail:



1. Login Rewards

2. 7-Day Event

3. Development Fund

4. Level Rush Gift

5. Red Packet Rain

6. Claim Stamina-Claim Stamina for free during a fixed period of time.

7. Recruitment Rewards-Recruit a certain number of times to claim rewards (the three chests on the far left in the screenshot).


In-game Features:

1. Reach Stars to get Rare Hero- Clear story chapters to obtain stars. Collect a certain amount of stars to obtain rewards: Hero Shards.

2. Clear Biography to get Chain Charm- Clear Historical to obtain Joint Attack Charms.


Featured Events:

1. Login Rewards


Premium Recruit Order x10: Login Day 2 and Day 4.

1888 Gold: Day 3, Day 5, and Day 7.

Outfit x1: Day 8.




Log in to receive Draw x20 / massive Gold / Outfit.


From the first to eighth day of the server launch, sign in every day to claim a total of Premium Recruit Order x20, 5664 Gold, Outfit x1, etc. for free.


Event Time:

Server launch Day 1 - Day 8


2. Level Rush Gift


VIP EXP, Equipment / Relic / Divine Weapon / Divine Beast / Beast Equipment / Recruit Tokens, etc.




From Lv.30 to Lv.100, you can claim a bonus reward every 10th level.


Event Time:

This event will be unlocked when players reach the required level. Usually, it can be unlocked on the first day. No specific duration.


3. Red Packet Rain


Ordinary: A small amount of Gold

Grand Prize:

First Place: 1980 Gold, 1980 VIP EXP

Second Place: 2888 Gold

Third Place: Premium Recruit Order x10