New Version 2.3.3 Update - New gameplay of Demon Raid

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Invasion of the Demonic Heroes! All new gameplay of Demon Raid is about to arrive!

Powers Combined


1. Requirement: Reach Lv.75


2. Time: Every Tue, Sat 12:00-22:00


3. Location: Main City -> Campaign -> Behemoth Raid (Original) -> Demon Raid


4. Rules:

       1) Generals can fight Demonic Heroes after selecting your faction. If your chosen faction matches with your deployed Heroes, you will receive a massive damage boost!

       2) You will fight the same Demon with other players in a region. Each Demon has their own special abilities. To deal more damage to the Demon, you will have to use an effective formation.

       3) When a Demon is defeated, it will revive in an even stronger state. Each revival will give the Demon more HP.

       4) When a Demon is defeated, one lucky player will receive an extra lucky reward. Join for countless rewards!

       5) For each win against a Demon, players will win a certain amount of Honor. Honor will determine your ranking, and the higher you rank, the more rewards you will receive.

       6) There are 3 rankings: Personal Highest Honor Ranking, Personal Total Honor Ranking, and Legion Total Honor Ranking.


5. Rewards:

       1) Challenge Reward: You will gain challenge rewards whenever you attack a Demon with a challenge attempt.

       2) Ranking Reward: Rewards will be distributed via mail after the event.

       3) Goal Reward: When your personal challenge reaches a certain number, or when the Demon in the region reaches a certain level, you can claim goal rewards!