Celebrate the Festival Tips- Provided by Fabio (E20-10723)

NEWS / strategy


Ok so i want to give a try about the celebrate the festival, so first of all i would like to suggest you all to save your Gold everyday and decide during events like this when Is worth to invest your Gold.

So lets Jump into this event, the main tips i can give you is Always to check how to get the extra rewards needed to be exchanged for in game goods so lets get an eye where we can get those.


As you can see from the pic you can earn these events extra rewards by doin certain activities in game so first of all check them all and invest your stamina on these activities to earn as much items as you can, After that Is time to decide where to invest these items and which rewards picks.


Now if you are a free to play player or a low budget player i suggest you guys to start invest these items on getting Hero shards cause you Will Always Need to improve your units to move on in the game in every content, After that with the rest you can focus on equip shards and relic One, otherwise if.you can afford and spend more in game then i suggest you to invest First of all on equips or legendary things or divine weapon cause you should have already a good unit group so invest on gearing them Will be your prio to.make your team even stronger.