Enemy at the Gates

NEWS / strategy


1. How to find it?

Enter you Legion and you can find Enemy at the Gates at the lower-left corner. 


2. Open condition: Lv.80 and Legion Lv.3


3. Gameplays

There are two modes in Enemy at the Gates - Under Pressure and Machine Strikes. 

Under Pressure

Under Pressure will be available everyday but Thursday. 

You can attack the enemies and earn points. The stronger enemies bring more points. You will have 3 chances to attack enemies. If you fail, don’t worry, failure won’t cost the chance.


Machine Strikes 

Machine Strikes is available only on Thursday. 


In this mode, you can also earn points after you defeat enemies. You will have 3 chances every Thursday, however, different from Under Pressure, it will cost you 1 chance no matter win or lose. If you are lost, you or your allies can enter this dungeon again and fight against the enemies, and his HP will remain as the last time when you were defeated.


4. What can you get from Enemy at the Gates


You can earn a Chest when your legion acquire 1400, 3600, 5000, 9000 points. You can earn Star Compasses and Star Chest. If your legion can get 9000 points every day, you can earn about 64 Basic Star Compasses and 32 Premium Star Compasses every week. And if your legion performed pretty well in the Ranking, you would earn extra Star Compasses.


5. Tips

It is important to learn how to choose enemies in that you can only get points when you win. And different enemies have different points. That’s why choose a right enemy is important. 

If your allies are failed in Machine Strikes, just help them. Because if he kills one enemy, you only need to face two enemies. And make sure you can win before you lead off an attack.