Tips For Faction, Event, Combo and Gold - Provided By Krome (AS23-13696)

NEWS / strategy


First, let's talk about Faction. There are 4 faction you can choose which are:


1. Wei


Wei faction the one that really based on your luck.


Team: For the full epic team, Wei is actually a pretty good choice to go for. For the full legendary team, Wei is more luck based then epic team. A lot of Wei characters have like stun/rage down/bleed and more. The percentage is around 15% - 30% which is pretty low. Especially, if you build a full legendary team but your characters is low rank, you can't use them full potential. You need 1 character at least to have 3 stars or more to avoid attacking enemy and got evasion. I use Wei legendary team and It was hard because I need to repeat every time just to get almost the perfect match or 3 stars in story mode. The damage reduction is fine I guess.


Formation : 

Full epic team (I recommend)


             Xiahou Yuan , Liao Zhang

             Zhang He , Xiahou Dun

             Main character , Xu Chu


You can use Zhen Ji by replacing Xu Chu, Xiahou Dun or Zhang He.


Full legendary team (I used) :


              Xu Yun , Cao Cao

              Sima Yi , Gua Jiou

              Main , Dian Wei


2. Shu


Shu faction is I think first or second best. 


Team : For full epic team, Shu is ok but Wei is more powerful in my opinion. For full legendary team, Shu is the best one for me. Firstly because you have Ma Chao. This guy is like Xu Chu but more powerful. He can make your oppenent lose a character fast and make 6 vs 5 instead. 6 characters alive are WAY more better than 5 people alive. This team can deal a lot of damage but can also get 2 - more rage so they can use ult more often. If you want to build a full legendary team, I recommend Shu faction.


Formation : 

Full epic team (I recommend) :


               Zhang Fei , Jiang Wei

               Wei Yan , Pang Tong

               Main , Zhao Yun


Huang Zhong is pretty good to but he has a rage reduction skill which is fine but doesn't do that much damage. You can use Huang Zhong by replacing Wei Yan.


Full legendary team (I recommend) :


               Guan Yu , Zhuge Liang

               Main , Liu Bei

               Ma Chao , Huang Yueying


3. Wu


Wuu is a fine faction I guess. The Wu team is just like Shu which the team that does a lot of damage but Shu is better. 


Team : Wuu based on killing enemy faster. Some of Wuu epic heroes are trash but some of them is really good. A heroes for an epic grade that is really good is Lu Meng. For me, he is a monster and a broken epic hero. I use full Wei legendary team and still lose everytime I met enemy Lu Meng. There is also Big Ciao who is also I think a pretty decent healer.


Formation :

Epic full team (I recommend) :


                 Big Ciao , Sun Quan

                 Lu Su , Sun Jian

                 Main , Lu Meng


Taishi Ci is a character that have a bad skill but if you still want to use, I recommend replace Lu Su.


Full legendary team : 


                   Lil Qiao , Gan Ning

                   Sun Ce , Lu Xun

                   Zhou Yu , Main


4. Warload


Warload have a lot of good characters that deal massive damage.


Team : Warload based on dealing MASSIVE damage to enemy. Most of warload chracters are pretty good for insta-kill enemy. Warload is pretty good and bad on some situation. Warload heroes usually depend on crit to deal massive damage so they can a match faster.


Formation :

Full epic team (I recommended) :


               Hua Tao , Dank Stash 

               Dong Zhuo , Hua Xiong

               Main , Gongsun Zan   


Yu Ji is actually pretty good but his more on giving enemy poison than doing massive damage to enemy. You can use him by replacing Hua Xioung, Gongsun Zan or maybe Dong Zhuo.


Full legendary team (I recommended) :


               Zuo Ci , Lu Bu

               Jia Xiu , Jue Zhang

               Man ,  Diao Chan




Second, Lets talk about GOLD.


If you a free to play player, you don't need to worry about getting gold. There are many ways you can get free gold. 


1. Siege

2. Auction

3. Event

4. Maintenance

5. And more......


The developer of the game is very generous person. If there was a sudden shutdown on server or problem, they always send a message and give you at least 300 gold. They also make competion for people to have chance to get free gold to in their Facebook, Discord and more. Just like this competion where they will pick best strategies and give them free gold.




Thirdly, lets talk about event


Event in this is AWESOME! You can get free gold, free upgrade materials and more. They were so generous and always repeat the event again! Lets say you have a lot of event materials you haven't got time use. The event will come back again you can still use the materials again in the event. Lets just say some of event items are unexpired. But, for the celebration event, I'm not sure because sometimes the developer change the event materials. For example, last celebration event item chicken but now celebration event item turkey. 


There's also limited heroes event where you can use your gold and have a chance to get a legendary character.






Lastly, Combo skills.


For me personally, the best and cheapest combo skill to rank up is Savior Charm. You can get this epic combo skil by playing side quest. Saviour Charm is a combo skill that can remove any debuff on your team for 50% and also heal them. As for the best legendary combo skill, I don't know because I didn't have the resources to get them.




I really want to explain more detail about the strategies but I'm kinda a busy person. The developer already make a guide for us to read. So, check them out.


That's all from me. I wish everyone goodluck that have enter the competition.