General Tips - Provided By Deux (AS98-10004)

NEWS / strategy


This are my Tactics, Ideas, Strategies and such...


1. Always catch up to leveling up (remember to level up means to move on so in other words mew path will be waiting for you. ( Buy always the stamina don't leave not event 1pc. Use it daily don't reserve it you can always blitz to complete your team equipment)


2. For most basic always insure your formation is form of faction such as Wu, Shu, Warlord and Wei. Because it gives a huge buffs or addional stats.


3rd. Remember each hero faction advantage and disadvantage, mostly know your self first before the enemy. Like for my formation WARLORD as for me this the best for now it has cons and pros also, like strengthen in croud control like stun and rage debuffer and strong at frontal attack and block. But this line-up is weak at solo attacking or not even to focus on one heroes so basically it's Area of effect type (AOE) and lastly bad at back attack for the enemy.


4th. Always ready an extra gold to buy in events or hold some premium recruit token cause sometime it has draw token event. ( PS: depends on your need so don't hold back to pull if you want to strengthen your heroes to move on or defeat the enemy in adventure )


5th. If you're semi Free To Play Player (F2P) just buy the 30days gold income and subscribtion so you can support your daily needs to buy like stamina and such.


God bless you always and keep safe!