Veterans Wanted!

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Dear generals, a new version of Dynasty Scrolls was released! To make our veterans rejoin the battle and have a better game experience, we are holding a Veterans Wanted Event from April 4th (12 a.m.) to April 6th (12 a.m.) (GMT +8), with up 100% of the VIP EXP and tons of other rewards!


Event Time:

April 3 12 a.m. - April 6 12 a.m. (GMT +8)





AS88-Wei Yan

Server maybe added according to the actual situation.


Event Rules and Conditions for Veterans:

- The old account level must have reached Lv.50 and above

- Players on the old account have logged in for 15 consecutive days before April 3rd (12 a.m. GMT+8), i.e. the last login should be before March 19th (12 a.m. GMT)

You will be eligible for participating the event if your account meets both of the above requirements.

- You need to login in your new account in the new server (above server) which will be released from April 3. 

- Event details and rewards can be seen at your new server: Event - Return Players

Event Rewards:

Get 300 VIP EXP, 3 Premium Recruit Orders, 150 Training Pills, and more on day 1!


[VIP EXP carryover]

Tiers Requirement      VIP EXP carryover

1         Reach level 10      30%

2         Reach level 20      40%

3         Reach level 30      50%

4         Reach level 40      70%

5         Reach level 50      100%


[7-day Login Return Gift Event]



Players must login during the event period to start the 7-day login return gift event.

The exclusive title [Rekindled] gives the following bonus when activated: Total ATK +1000

View activated [Returning Hero] campaigns in [Event - Return Players]

If multiple characters on the same account have VIP EXP, the VIP EXP that can be carried over is equal to the character with the highest VIP EXP.