Update Announcement for V2.3.3 of Dynasty Scrolls

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Dear Generals:

We will be performing an update maintenance on April 26 (Mon) 15:10-18:10 (GMT+8). Players will not be able to enter the game during this time. Please note that the maintenance may end early or be extended based on unforeseen circumstances. You will receive a compensation by mail once maintenance is completed. Thank you for your understanding.

[Update Time] April 26 2021 (Mon) 15:10-18:10 (GMT+8)

[Update Details] Server offline for update

[Compensation] 500 Gold

[Scope] All Servers

[Reminder] Make sure you save your ID and password. There is a small chance that you may have to login again after the update if the update fails due to network issues.


Update Details: 

I. Invasion of the Demonic Heroes! All new gameplay of Demon Raid is about to arrive!

       Powers Combined

1. Requirement: Reach Lv.75

2. Time: Every Tue, Sat 12:00-22:00

3. Location: Main City -> Campaign -> Behemoth Raid (Original) -> Demon Raid

4. Rules:

       1) Generals can fight Demonic Heroes after selecting your faction. If your chosen faction matches with your deployed Heroes, you will receive a massive damage boost!

       2) You will fight the same Demon with other players in a region. Each Demon has their own special abilities. To deal more damage to the Demon, you will have to use an effective formation.

       3) When a Demon is defeated, it will revive in an even stronger state. Each revival will give the Demon more HP.

       4) When a Demon is defeated, one lucky player will receive an extra lucky reward. Join for countless rewards!

       5) For each win against a Demon, players will win a certain amount of Honor. Honor will determine your ranking, and the higher you rank, the more rewards you will receive.

       6) There are 3 rankings: Personal Highest Honor Ranking, Personal Total Honor Ranking, and Legion Total Honor Ranking.

5. Rewards:

       1) Challenge Reward: You will gain challenge rewards whenever you attack a Demon with a challenge attempt.

       2) Ranking Reward: Rewards will be distributed via mail after the event.

       3) Goal Reward: When your personal challenge reaches a certain number, or when the Demon in the region reaches a certain level, you can claim goal rewards!


II. Story instances massive update! All new stage of "Trial Instance" is coming soon!


1. Requirement:

       1) Reach Lv.85 and clear Story Instance - Chapter 150.

       2) Each difficulty has its own unlock requirements. Players can check in the corresponding stages.

2. Location: Main city -> Story Instance -> Trials

3. Rules:

       1) When Trial Instance is unlocked, players can switch between the normal instances and Trial Instance. Progress within the two instances will not affect each other.

       2) Trial Instance has a daily challenge limit. Players can use challenge attempts and Stamina to challenge the instance.

       3) Trial Instance has 3 difficulties, each with their own goals. Players can clear them accordingly.

       4) Players can obtain 4 types of rewards in a Trial Instance: challenge reward, chapter star reward, chapter chest reward, and star achievement reward. Get them all by clearing Trial Instances!

       5) Trial Ashes from Trial Instance can be used to exchange for items in the Trial Mall. You will also obtain a Trial Banner from clearing a chapter, which can be used to activate the Trial Instance of Dynasty Scroll to gain a large amount of stat bonuses.


III. Replace Heroes at your whim! The brand new "Replace" system is about to come!

1. Requirement:

       1) Reach Lv.85

2. Location: Main City -> More -> Replace

3. Rules:

       1) The replace function allows you to transfer your Relic's or Hero's stats and progress to another. You will need to have at least 2 heroes or 2 relics to use the replace function.

       2) Players can only replace part of the progress of a Hero or Relic. Higher quality Heroes and Relics have their own replacement conditions.

       3) Possible replacement options for Heroes: Awaken Level (if you have any uncleared Awaken Missions, their progress will be reset), Accessory Level, Hero Level, Hero Star Level, Hero Index Level, Hero Upgrade Level, and Training Progress

       4) Possible replacement options for Relics: Ascension Progress, Enhancement Level, Refinement Level, and Engravement Level


IV. Extreme stat boosts! The new "Inscribe" system will shoot your stats through the roof!

1. Requirement:

       1) Reach Lv.75

2. Location: Charm Screen -> Inscribe

3. Rules:

       1) Players will have to reach a certain star level on Charms to unlock the inscribe function. You will have to follow the positional order to unlock the inscribe function by using Charm Spirits.

       2) After a Charm is inscribed, it will grant the corresponding stats and talents. The Charm does not need to be deployed, and the stat bonus will apply to all your deployed Heroes. The bonuses will stack, and your original inscribed stats will stay even when you activate a new inscription.

       3) After a Charm is reset, all the corresponding inscriptions will be deactivated. Your inscription materials will all be returned when a Charm is reset.


V. Event and Shop Changes

       1. Server Launch Event rewards and Shop content changed.

       2. 7-Day Event reward items increased. Added Universal Epic Hero Shard and Universal Rare Hero Shard for the 7th day.

       3. Wings Refinement Legendary Wings now support Legendary Feather Refinement.

       4. Daily Missions rewards upgraded, Arena Shop reward items upgraded.

       5. Wish Shop added Legendary Hero Shard Chest (4) and Blue Blade Shard for exchange.

       6. 30-Day Card added Activeness Chest. Players will gain Activeness when they claim their 30-Day Card, and when your Activeness reaches a certain amount, you can open a chest for rewards!

       7. Arena Shop, Legion Shop, Warrior Trial Shop had some of its sold content changed. Please check out the corresponding shops after the update.

**  For detailed info on compensation, please check the official site announcement: Dynasty Scrolls Daily Missions Progress Rewards Changes


VI. Other Improvements

       1. Enhance Outfits in one button. Requires Lv.60. Players only need to set the Enhancement level to use the Quick Enhance option.

       2. Behemoth Raid in one button. Requires Lv.85. Players can customize the options themselves.

       3. Expedition blitzing in Tiger Pass. Requires Lv.90 and the clearing of Fanyang Pass.

       4. Story Instances now available up to Chapter 230-260. Players can now reach 7-star with their Main Character.

       5. Legends of Heroes now available up to Chapter 15.

       6. Divine Beast Boss challenge spot deleted. Players will now stay in the waiting zone when they enter the battlefield.

       7. Divine Beast Boss single time damage threshold adjusted.

       8. Legion impeachment limit changed, within 15 days of the server launch, Commanders who have been offline for 5 days may be impeached, and players with 5x the Power of the current Commander may impeach. After 15 days of the server launch, Commanders who have been offline for more than 5 days may be impeached.

       9. Star Karma increased the daily draw limit. Advanced daily draw limit increased to 9000 times.

       10. Other Improvements



Official Project Team of Dynasty Scrolls