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We will be performing update maintenance on 2021-09-01 15:10-18:10 (GMT+8). Players will not be able to enter the game during this time. Please note that the maintenance may end early or be extended based on unforeseen circumstances. You will receive compensation by mail once the maintenance is complete. Thank you for your understanding.

Update Details: 

A new version is here! Get treasures of your choice every Monday in the new East Treasure Hunt. Mysticize your treasures and customize their stats to increase your strength!


I. New regular event "East Treasure Hunt"

Call the East Wind and get treasures! Complete activeness missions on Saturday and Sunday to get Windcaller Plumes, and use them to call for the East Wind on Monday!

1. Requirement: Reach Lv.20

2. Location: Main

3. Rules

1) Sat and Sun: Complete daily missions to get extra "Windcaller Plumes" rewards. Reach milestones to redeem "Wind Tessen".

2) Mon: Use "Wind Tessen" to draw rewards. The reward pool will be reset at the end of the event.


II. Mythicize Relics        

Mythicize your Epic and Legendary Relics to Mythic and unleash their potential! Customize P.DEF/M.DEF/ATK/HP and reset or switch Relics around freely! The Quick Hunt option lets you get Relics quickly with minimal effort.

1. Requirement: Reach Lv.95

2. Location: Main -> Equip -> Relic -> Mythicize

3.  Rules:

1) Epic and Legendary Relics can be mythicized to Mythic.

2) Use mythicize materials to increase Relic stats, and Mythicize Stones to increase Mythicize grade.

3) Relics can be upgraded to gain Talent Stats once their quality and refinement level reach the requirement. They become Mythic at Grade 5, increasing their base stats without affecting Affinity.


III. Other Improvements

1. Expanded Instances: Story Instance extended to Chapter 360 (available when you reach Mythic 2-star), Legends of Heroes extended to Module 19, Warrior Trials expanded to 105F.

2. Wish Shop tweaks: Tweaked purchase requirements for Legendary Hero Shard Chest (3), Serpent Halberd Shard, Moon Fan Shard, Blue Blade Shard, Legendary Hero Shard Chest (5), and Seven Star Sword Shard.

3. New "Deceptive Journey" map in Battle of Mt. Dingjun, new "Desert" themed map in Fires of War.

4. Military Debate: 3 extra Scholarly Debate rounds on weekends (available after 10 rounds have been cleared).

5. VIP level increased to 18, 3 extra VIP Giftpacks.

6. Improved Story Jewelry Blitz: Blitz limit increased to 200, if Behemoth is triggered in Quick Blitz, the Behemoth will appear once this Quick Blitz is complete.

7. Additional quick operations: Quick Raid for Behemoth "Dragon Cannon", no cumulative limit for Dragon Cannon once Quick Raid is unlocked, Quick Train features for heroes once you reach Lv.85, Quick Hunt at Lv.95.

8. Item display improvements, icon order, and display improvements in the Campaign.

9. Daily Deals rewards adjusted