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With the upcoming global launch of Dynasty Scrolls, you will soon be able to dive deep into the Three Kingdoms era. Do you have what it takes to survive and unite the kingdoms amidst fierce battles? If you don't think you're ready, now's the chance for you to grow familiar with the world you are about to explore. Follow this beginner's guide, and may your adventures be fruitful!


TIP 1: Story Chapters

By completing story chapters, you can obtain clearance rewards and stars. Gain enough stars and you can activate bonus Gold or Hero rewards.

In addition to generous rewards, you can also obtain Dynasty Scrolls which will boost your total stats.


TIP 2: Legends of Heroes 

Each Legends of Heroes chapter tells a hero's story and grants abundant rewards. However, daily challenge attempts are limited. 

By clearing Legends of Heroes, your main character's star level and Power can be boosted.


TIP 3: Factions


Formation Features: High single-column DPS, high damage, controls Rage. Formation Weakness: Feeble front row. (Main Heroes to Improve in Early Stages: Xiahou Dun, Dian Wei.)


Formation Features: High single-target DPS, strong against front row, fast Rage recovery. Formation Weakness: Lack of skill control. (Main Heroes to Improve in Early Stages: Zhao Yun, Ma Chao.)


Formation Features: Strong against back row, burns enemies over time, good at finishing blows. Formation Weakness: Low damage to the enemy's front row. (Main Heroes to Improve in Early Stages: Sun Jian, Sun Quan.)


Warlords deal AoE damage. Features: Poison and control. Blocks more damage than other kingdoms. Weakness: Lacks high single-target DPS. (Main Heroes to Improve in Early Stages: Yu Ji, Diao Chan.)

Deploy heroes from the same faction to receive a faction aura, which provides stat bonuses.


TIP 4: Joint Attack Combo

There are three types of Joint Attacks: Damage, Control, and Heal. (Recommended to Improve in Early Stages: Savior.)

To Deploy a Joint Attack:

1. Obtain the two heroes required to activate Joint Attack.

2. Obtain enough Joint Attack Shards to synthesize a Joint Attack.

TIP 5: Equipment

Complete story chapters to unlock the Equipment system. Equipment is not bound to a hero. When switching heroes, your equipment will remain where it is. Equipment pieces from the same set grant stat bonuses. (It's recommended that heroes are equipped with pieces from the same set in early stages.) Pieces from the same set can also activate the Affinity feature, so please pay attention when equipping equipment.

Equipment improvements include Enhancement and Refinement.

Enhancement: Consumes Coins to enhance equipment. The equipment's max level cannot exceed two times the hero's level.

Refinement: Consumes special Refining Stones. Please use them wisely.

When all pieces of equipment have been enhanced +5 or refined +2 at the same time, bonus stats will be triggered.

TIP 6: Relics

Relics are not bound to heroes. Replacing heroes does not affect relics. Relics can also trigger the Affinity feature. Please pay attention.

Relic improvements include Enhancement and Refinement.

Enhancement: Consumes lower-grade relics or relic EXP items.

Refinement: Consumes relics of the same type and Relic Refining Stones.

TIP 7: Charms

How to Obtain a Charm

To Deploy a Joint Attack Charm:

1. Obtain the Joint Attack heroes required for the charm.

2. Obtain enough Charm Shards to awaken the charm.

How to Use

Open the "Joint Attack" panel, place a charm in the charm slot, and tap to use when in battle. After the hero finishes their action and Joint Attack, you will receive a certain amount of Joint Attack Points. When points are full, tap the skill icon to unleash the Joint Attack skill! In "Auto" mode, skills will be unleashed in order. It's recommended that players fight manually when facing strong enemies.


TIP 8: Refining Stones

How to Obtain Refining Stones

Main Ways to Obtain Hero Souls:

1. Warrior Trials

2. Mall

3. Behemoth Invasion's Damage Rewards

You will obtain a certain amount of Renown from Warrior Trials. After clearing a few stages, you will have enough Renown to purchase Refining Stones! Refining Stones can also be bought in the Mall. When you are short on Refining Stones, don't forget to buy some with Gold.

How to use Equipment Refining Stones

When you reach a certain level, tap a piece of equipment, and then tap the "Refine" button to enter the refinement panel. After selecting the piece of equipment you want to refine, tap and hold the Refining Stones you wish to use to boost the equipment's stats!


TIP 9: How to Obtain Gold

Main Ways to Obtain Gold:

1. Story Instances: Star Achievement Rewards

2. Legends of Heroes: Money Tree, etc.

3. Arena: Increase Rank

4. Achievement rewards

5. Daily Missions

6: Other: Weekly ranking rewards for various features


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