Free To Play Tips - Provided by Niklas (E8-11056)

NEWS / strategy


Hey, I am a free to play Player. I haven’t invested any money yet and in the following I will give you a few tips and show you some strategies.


1. Gacha

As a free to play player it’s important to not just waste your resources. After Recruiting 50 times you are able to use faction Recruit which is really important. So choose one faction and use your recruits on this. It’s a really nice strategy so safe up your tokens for an recruit rebate event like this. It makes it so much more worth and is a must as a free to play player because u won’t easily be able to obtain those legendary beasts.


2. Level

It’s worth to buy all stamina pills that are available. Those help you level up faster and unlock various modes. Also, there is an event where you get VIP points for reaching a certain level which is really important since a higher VIP level gives you really good rewards especially you can buy more stamina chances.