Shu Formation Tips

NEWS / strategy


The recommended formation of Shu is Wei Yan, Zhao Yun, Huang Zhong, Zhang Fei, Pang Tong and Main Character.


Firstly, I will introduce the heroes and the skills they have.


Zhao Yun


One of the most important epic heroes. There is a chance for him to recover 4 Rages and increase DMG Bonus. So if you are lucky enough, you can use the skill at every round. 


Zhang Fei


With great Burst, Zhang Fei can also increase 40%+ Crit and Crit Strength. So he can deal great DMG with his skill.


Pang Tong



He can heal the hero with the lowest HP and increase 2 Rage, which helps the injured hero to cast more than one spell.


Wei Yan


The only one Control for Shu is to stun enemies so that they won’t be able to attack or use their skills.


Huang Zhong



A hero who can add deBuff to enemies.



1-Wei Yan; 2-Huang Zhong; 3-Zhao Yun; 4-Main Character; 5-Pang Tong; 6-Zhang Fei