Free to Play Tips - Provided by Manuel (A12-11475)

NEWS / strategy


The first thing you want to do is pick the latest server that opened, usually within the week a new server will open giving new players a chance to hit the rankings.


• Within the game there is 4 factions to look out for:



o WU

o Warlord


• It is important to choose a faction because the more units you use within the same faction means you will unlock bonus stats:

o Deploy 1 to get: Total ATK +500

o Deploy 2 to get: Total HP +10k

o Deploy 3 to get: Total ATK +5%, total DEF +250

o Deploy 4 to get: Total HP +5%, Total HP +15k

o Deploy 5 to get: Total Def +5%, Total ATK +800


Another thing to take note of their team position, by looking at each individuals skill you can determine where on the team formation the unit will go.