Divine Beast Tips - Inferno Qiongqi

NEWS / strategy


There are three Beasts in Dynasty Scrolls, Inferno Qiongqi, Cyan Roc and Karkadann. 

Here we are gonna talk about the PVP Beast——Inferno Qiongqi.




Inferno Qiongqi will deal great DMG and burn the target at the start of the battle. It looks like the skill of Lu Xun from Wu. But the DMG from burning depends on the average Hero ATK. So if you want to deal more burning DMG, you need to increase ATK of your 6 Heroes.


Rank Up:


It is important to Rank up for Inferno Qiongqi. The power of 2-star Inferno Qiongqi will be greatly increased. It can randomly reduce a hero enemy’s Rage by 2, which means your heroes can cast spells faster than enemies. And when Inferno Qiongqi reaches 7-star, it can randomly reduce 3 enemy heroes’ rage by 2, which means you can cast spells 3 more times than enemies and will have a bigger chance to win in the PVP mode. Of course, it also works in the PVE mode, such as Warrior Trials. 


Besides, the biggest advantage of Inferno Qiongqi is that it will lead off an attack firstly in the battle. You don’t have to wait and every time it will be triggered for 100% sure. And reduce Rage helps reduce DMG from enemies a lot.