Tips in Siege Mode - Provided by Nova (A21-10073)

NEWS / strategy


Hi all, I would love to offer you some tips when you play the siege mode


Firstly let me explain what the siege mode is.


Siege mode is where you can get the most gold that I know so far. This system runs on legion competitions. From my experience, siege mode can help you collect tons of gold when you reach the top ranking. So it is really worthy striving for haha. Here are the two tips that can help you adjust your conditions.


I'll start with the rules of the game.


1. Siege mode is a collective land to collect gold. Only those who have created or joined a legion is eligible to take part in this mode.


2. The event will take place on the fifth day at 12 noon server time, so keep track of the time.


Firstly for those who feel strong:


1. More benefits can be felt if you become the strongest person on your server for the first week. Why do I say that? Because the siege mode is the place for inter-server struggle in the next wave. These are attractive conditions for a new experience dealing with other servers. Back in the first week, according to the rules and you're the strongest on your server it's easier to snatch someone else's place. Occupy high yields gold. It is important to increase your gold income.


2. Continuing from high yields, you will get an additional gold buff if all your legion members occupy it. This also has the opposite effect if players from other legions occupy where you are, your gold collection will drop down, so be careful.



3. Because you feel you are stronger than others, so of course you must have a very solid defense to survive. Make the most of it.


4. Use your strength to loot as many places as you can. It will increase your victory records in the game. By the end of the event there will be a reward for the player who have looted the most for the legion. So keep fighting for your legion.



5. You will have your legionary fans. Why? Because you are indirectly protecting them too. So accept their affection.


When the inter-sever struggle starts, don't be upset if you are not the strongest anymore. Just follow the tips below if you feel lower than anyone.


Now I will share the tips with those of you who feel weak.


1. We realize that there is always someone who is better than us.  So we have to be more vigilant in the game. Why do I say that? As the game system requires us to defeat enemies from different legions, so that the weaker side will be eliminated to the very bottom. Surely we know in the lowest place there will be very slim chance to collect gold or even beat the dead horse at all.



2. The best way to avoid losing is to join the strongest legions on your server in the first place. That will guarantee you to survive the attacks from the enemies that are way beyond your defence power. Since you are in the strongest legion, the people with the strongest power are with you to protect you, so be aware of that.


3. Vigilance is very important. After you are sure that you are on the strong side, it is possible that other people will immediately take over your place when you let down your guard . keep checking to keep you safe.


4. If you feel that your legion is not strong enough, go to a neutral place where all players will be safe from other players' attacks.


5. Because we are on the weak side, there is not much gold that we can loot so don't be discouraged to be strong.


Maybe that's just a tip from me in this siege mode, I will come back if there are new improvements that are presented in the game later. Have fun guys.